Hospital Departments


Dental Department

We are a progressive minded dental practice located conveniently in the heart of Al-Ain. Our team is committed to practicing minimally invasive dentistry. We embrace and invest heavily in the use of cutting edge technology and innovative techniques to provide all services in a safe and comfortable environment.



Dr. Maha Toamah




Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Maintaining the health of your digestive system is benefitted by having a team of experts looking out for you. Patients undergo an intake and physical exam, learn more about their family history, health habits, and anything else that seems pertinent. If anything needs more evaluation, we accommodate you with laboratory testing, imaging, and endoscopic procedures as well.

General surgery clinic

General Surgery Clinic provides a wide range of surgical services provided by highly trained, experienced general and specialty surgeons. In addition to your surgeons, your care team will include a number of other health care professionals, including an anesthesiologist and an operating room. Meet your care team.

Dr. Abdullah Shaman

Consultant General Surgeon

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Our experienced specialists will collaborate with you to find the individualized treatment that best suits your medical and surgical needs.
You’re choosing an expert in minimally invasive gynecology and minimally invasive surgery. We are committed to consistently delivering safe, effective, evidence-based care in a soothing, healing environment built just for women so you can return to your normal life faster.

Pediatric Department

Provides exceptional, comprehensive, and compassionate health care for children from birth to age 21. Our pediatric practice provides high quality pediatric services and serves infants, toddlers, children, and teens with over 30 years world wide experience.

Dr. Essam Sedrak

Pediatric Department

Internal Medicine clinic

Internal medicine specialists, or internists, diagnose and treat diseases in adults. An internist may act as your primary care physician, treating you for general illnesses as well as providing complex care.


Dr. Mohammed Omer

Internal medicine specialist

Laboratory Department

The Laboratory provides comprehensive diagnostic laboratory procedures 24 hours 7 days a week. The laboratory develops & implements “best practice” & scientific techniques for a better health care services. 

Phlebotomy service is provided to inpatients and outpatients as well as patients attending Accident/Emergency Department.

Dr. Walaa Nagy


Endocrinology clinics

Endocrinology & Metabolism clinic is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare for patients with diabetes, endocrine and metabolic disorders, and obesity.

Dr. Babikir Mustafa

Physician, Endocrinologist


Focuses on outstanding medical care and enhancing her patients existing beauty. To help you get your clearest, smoothest and most youthful skin possible, we’ve created a whole new concept: SMCH skin clinic that combines the expertise of a top dermatologist with the skill of a clinically trained aesthetician.

Dr. Atef  A. Sedrak


Orthopedic Department

General orthopedic evaluations are one of the most important parts of receiving orthopedic care prior to more specialized care. Comprehensive, personalized treatment plan that targets your pain points and helps you regain normalcy through physical therapy or surgery for your condition as needed.

Urgent care Department

24-hour Emergency Department This department is well-equipped with state-of-the-art paraphernalia that can handle all kinds of emergencies: Ambulance service??, Home visits??, Round the clock services for emergency general medical and surgical cases. Availability of Specialist doctors 24hrs on-call.

Radiology Department

Our radiologists use the latest and most advanced diagnostic procedures for both inpatients and outpatients with accurately diagnosis a condition. Our procedures range from conventional imaging, such as contrast studies with barium for evaluation of the gastrointestinal tract, to more advanced diagnostics.

Dr. Hicham Mahmoud Yehia

Specialist Radiology

Ophthalmology clinic

We provide comprehensive ophthalmology care for patients since 1991. 

Our skilled physicians and staff are dedicated to improving and preserving sight locally, regionally, and globally.

We ranked consistently among the best ophthalmology hospitals in the U.A.E. Our team comprises some of the world’s top eye doctors and has more top eye surgeons than any hospital in the region.

Dr. Liudmyla Ivanovna Khmelyk


ENT Clinic

The Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Service at SMCH offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient state-of-the-art medical and surgical care in addition to a complete range of audiological investigations, including speech and language disorders, diagnosis, and therapy. Early detection, advanced diagnostic tests, and modern therapies are offered for common and complex conditions affecting the ear, nose, sinus, oral cavity, thyroid, throat, head, neck, salivary glands, and larynx.

Dr. Mohmmed Samir Jomah Youssef

Otolaryngology and neck surgery

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